gl = gluten / so = soya / se = sesame / nu = nuts / pe = peanut ce = celery / mu = mustard / su = sulphites / lu = lupin / (o) = option

All dishes may contain trace amounts of any allergens

Everything is 100% plant-based

Our menu

Our menu will be changing when we open the restaurant, but you can take a look at the old menu here to get an idea of the kind of food we served at the cafe. The new menu will continue to be plant-based with an emphasis on healthy, nourishing whole foods, but with more options for evening meals and cheeky takeaways.

Click here to download the old cafe menu



Choose a base, topping and 'milk' to make your breakfast bowl


House granola - oven baked oats, almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds. Sweetened with coconut nectar. [gl(oat)/nu]


House muesli - barley flakes, raisins, oats, almond, rice flakes, sunflower seeds and cashews. [gl(oat)(barley)/nu]

Choco-nola - with baked oats, cacao nibs, walnuts and coconut. [gl(oat)/nu]


Banana & nuts - peanut butter sauce, maple and mixed nuts [nu]

Fruit & chocolate - homemade fruit jam, chocolate sauce, mixed seeds and fresh mint.


Oat [gl(oat)]

Soy [so]


Almond [nu]+40p

Switch your milk for coconut yoghurt for 75p


Smoothie Bowls


A brimming bowl of fruit smoothie topped with nutritious goodness

The Pink one - with raspberry, açaí, banana, pineapple, chia, coconut and granola. [gl(oat)/nu]


The Chocolate one - with banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and choco-nola. [gl(oat)/nu/pe]


Toast and pancakes.

Gluten free available!

Avocado on toast - with our unique green dressing, crispy kale sprinkles and amaranth shoots. [gl wheat (o)/so/se/mu] £7.95

Mushrooms on toast - with our spinach and garlic dressing, sprouted lentil, dehydrated oyster mushroom and fresh dill. [gl wheat (o)/mu] £7.95

Mixed beans on toast - in our tomato sauce with a spiced tomato topping and chive oil. [gl wheat (o)] £6.95

Smoked carrot on toast - with fresh dill and our homemade cashew-cream cheese and samphire. [gl wheat (o)/nu/mu] £7.95

Banana on toast - with tahini, pecan, £6.95 maple syrup and fresh mint. [gl wheat (o)/se/nu]  £6.95

Full brunch - with avocado, mushroom, tomato, beans, spinach and toast. [gl wheat (o)/so/se/mu] £9.95

Just toast with…

sunflower spread £2.00

homemade fruit jam £2.60

peanut butter [pe] £2.60

Bread options: Seeded sourdough from The Sussex Kitchen. [gl wheat/se] or Gluten free, seeded brown toast (+50p)


Avocado £2.25 Mushrooms [mu] £2.00 Beans £2.00 Smoked carrot[mu] £2.20 Tempeh [so] £2.25 Toast [gl(o)] £1.00 Gluten-free toast £1.50

Pancake stack with...

with seasonal fruit jam, mixed seeds & chocolate sauce or
bananas, mixed nuts & peanut sauce. [nu/pe] £7.95

Please see the specials board for our current seasonal favourites!




Served from 11am. Choose a base, a topping and a sauce to make your lunch bowl.


Mixed Grains - unprocessed, wholegrain rice and red quinoa. A complete protein. [mu]


Sprouting salad - handpicked leaves and micro shoots with sprouted seeds. [mu]


Broccoli - pan-fried with tamari, edamame beans, red cabbage, cashew, chilli, ginger and sesame. [so/se/nu]


Super slaw - sprouted mung beans, petit pois, roasted chickpeas, cranberry and spring onion. [mu]


Sweet potato - roasted with pecan, goji, spinach, chives and a garlic maple dressing. [nu/mu]


Black bean purée [so/nu]

Green olive tapenade

Sun-dried tomato hummus


Avocado £2.25  

Tempeh [so] £2.25 

Bread chunk [gl wheat/se] £1.00

Gluten-free toast £1.50




Served with bread

Please see the specials board for today’s homemade soup.

Served with a sourdough bread chunk [gl wheat] (or gluten-free toast for 50p).



Sweet potato wrap - homemade chickpea wrap filled with roast sweet potato, fresh tahini, pickled red onion and crispy red cabbage slaw [se] 


Mooli - ribbons of crunchy mooli, homemade kimchi, cep dressing and spinach. [gl wheat (o)/mu] (+£1 for gluten-free) 


Roasted courgette - with smoked aubergine, sun-dried tomato hummus, rocket and fresh basil. [gl wheat (o)/se] £5.95 (+£1 for gluten-free)


Kale crisps - spiced and dehydrated with tamari and sesame. (so/se) £3.50


Roasted chickpeas - crunchy, spiced chickpeas with sea salt. £1.50


Mushroom crisps - Oyster mushrooms with wasabi and ginger. [mu] £3.50


Wasabi peas - crispy green peas with an intense ‘mustard’ heat. [so] £1.75


Paprika jerky - smoked, chewy, red peppers. £2.00

See what slices and sweet treats we have in the fridge! Options usually include torte, fruit crumble or brownies


Sunday Menu

We are open 9 - 2 on Sundays with a special brunch menu

Tofu scramble on toast - silken tofu in a spiced dijon marinade served with fresh rocket and fresh herb oil. [gl(o)/so/mu] £7.95

Avocado on toast - with our unique green dressing, crispy kale sprinkles and amaranth shoots. [gl(o)/so/se/mu] £7.95


Mushrooms on toast - with our spinach and garlic dressing, sprouted lentil, dehydrated oyster mushroom and fresh dill. [gl(o)/mu] £7.95


Mixed beans on toast - in our tomato sauce with a spiced tomato topping and chive oil. [gl(o)] £6.95


Smoked carrot benedict - with our ‘mangonnaise’ sauce, fresh dill and homemade cashew-cream cheese. [gl(o)/mu/nu] £7.95


Banana on toast - with tahini, pecan, maple syrup and fresh mint. [gl(o)/nu/se] £6.95

The full Sunday - tofu scramble, hash brown, mushroom, slow-roasted tomato, spinach, beans and toast. [gl(o)/so/se/mu] £10.55

Just toast with…

margarine £2.00

homemade fruit jam £2.60

peanut butter [pe] £2.60

Bread options: Seeded sourdough from The Sussex Kitchen. [gl/se] or Gluten free, seeded brown toast (+50p)


Avocado £2.25

Tempeh £2.25

Mushrooms [mu] £2.00

Beans £2.00

Hash brown £2.00

Tofu scramble [so/mu] £2.00 

Smoked carrot[mu] £2.20

Toast [gl(o)] £1.00

Gluten-free toast £1.50

Chickpea omelette - with steamed beetroot, fresh rocket and coconut yoghurt. [so/mu] £7.95


Pancake stack with...

fresh berries, coconut & fruit coulis or  bananas, pecans & chocolate sauce [nu] £7.95


Cold drinks


Green - with apple, banana, spinach, kale, coconut, spirulina and a touch of ginger. £4.00


Blue - with blueberries, banana, açaí and almond. [nu] £4.00

Tropical - with mango, pineapple, coconut and maca. £4.00


Red - with mixed berries and coconut yoghurt. £4.00


Matcha - with matcha green tea, mango, mint, hemp and lime. £4.00


Coffee - with espresso, banana and oat. [gl(oat)] £4.00

Chocolate - with banana, dates and oat milk. [gl(oat)] £4.00

Black forest - with cherry, chocolate, dates and oat milk [gl(oat)] £4.00

Add our own organic hemp, rice, chia and sunflower protein boost for £1.
Add some gluten-free oats or peanut butter for 50p

Cold-pressed juices

Freshly made on site

Really green juice - with spinach, apple, celery, cucumber & lime £4.00

Very red juice - beetroot, pear, ginger & lemon £4.00

Hot shot - a small, warming kick of ginger, turmeric, apple & lemon £3.20

Soft drinks

Organic soft drinks with real ingredients by Gusto


Real cola £2.25

Naturally slim cola £2.25

Cherry cola £2.25

Fiery ginger £2.25

Sicilian blood orange £2.25

Sicilian Lemon & Yuzu £2.25

Botanical energy drink £2.25


Kombucha - by Jarr

delicious, raw fermented teas original/ginger/passionfruit £3.95

CBD - by Botanic Lab sour cherry and hibiscus tea drink with CBD to ease anxiety £3.25

Elderflower - by Fentimans. Botanically brewed sparkling elderflower £2.25

Iced tea - by ChariTea organic rooibos with passionfruit £1.95

Coconut water - by Jax Coco a premium mix of young and old coconut water £2.95

Mineral water - by Belu

still/sparkling £1.55

Mineral water (large) - by Belu

still/sparkling £2.95


Hot drinks


our beans are organic, fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance certified


Single espresso £1.55

Macchiato £1.75

Double espresso £2.35

Black Americano £2.35

White Americano £2.65

Cortado £2.75

Flat white £2.95

Cappuccino £2.95

Latte £3.15

Mocha £3.35

Bulletproof £3.35

Extra shot 75p

Syrup 30p

Loose leaf teas

made in Kent by Debonair Tea Co


Prices: mug/pot

English breakfast £2.05/3.30

Rooibos £2.05/3.30

Masala Chai £2.05/3.30

Rooibos Chai £2.15/3.40

Green Tea £2.05/3.30

Earl Grey £2.10/3.35

Lapsang Souchong £2.15/3.40
Peppermint £2.05/3.30

Chamomile £2.05/3.30

Ginger £2.05/3.30

Raspberry & Orange £2.10/3.35

Rosebud Lemonade £2.05/3.30

Elderflower Punch £2.05/3.30

Matcha Tea £2.65

+ plant milk 20p 


Pumpkin spice latté  Espresso, steamed oat milk and pumpkin spice syrup. The autumnal classic! [gl(oat)] £3.45

Camden fog Our exclusive blend of Earl Grey and Vanilla with steamed soy milk. [gl(oat)] £3.15


Matcha latté Ceremonial Japanese green tea with steamed almond milk. [gl(oat)]  £3.25

Golden latté Cold-pressed turmeric & ginger with steamed coconut milk [gl(oat)] £3.00

Beetroot latté Organic beetroot with steamed organic soy milk [gl(oat)] £3.00

Red Velvet latté Beetroot & chocolate with steamed oat milk [gl(oat)] £3.15

Chai latté Delicately spiced tea with steamed organic soy milk [gl(oat)] £2.85

Rooibos Chai latté Spiced naturally caffeine-free red bush tea with steamed oat milk [gl(oat)] £2.85

Dirty chai latté As above, but with a shot of espresso [gl(oat)] £3.45


Hot chocolate Organic cocoa and steamed organic soy milk [gl(oat)] £3.15


Add a shot of espresso to any drink 75p

Add Vanilla, Caramel or Hazelnut syrup to any drink 30p

Our milks

We use oat milk as standard, or why not try...

Oat - our favourite! perfect for cofee and tea. [gl (oat)]

Almond - unsweetened, foamable. [nu] (+30p)

Soy - organic and creamy. [so]

Coconut - light and refreshing.

Hemp - super healthy and unique. (+30p)