Buy your essentials at The Plant Base (Covid-19 update)

Thank you for all of your messages of support in this difficult time. It is truly heart-warming to see our communities coming together to support each other in the face of uncertainty. We are still serving food for eat in or take-away, but have considered how else we can be helpful and continue to provide Tunbridge Wells with nutritious food.

We have decided to open up our pantry

In The Plant Base, you will now find bags of rice, oats, plant milks, fresh bread, cleaning products and more available to purchase. We are well-stocked. With supermarkets being as they are at the moment, spread the word that The Plant Base has enough for everyone! All food has been prepared with the utmost attention to cleanliness and safety.

You can explore what we have to offer on our in Instagram highlights. We'll be keeping this up-to-date as we add more items. Please join us in continuing to support our highstreet and eachother.