Cold Pressed Juice vs Centrifugally Squeezed Juice - Why We Cold Press.

We cold press our delicious fresh juice every morning using a cold press.

Why don't we use a centrifugal juicer like everyone else?

The answer lies in the nutritional content. You've probably seen a centrifugal juicer or perhaps you have one at home. They use a spinning blade which separates the pulp and allows the juice to be squeezed through a mesh filter. This is a fast way of getting the job done however it is at the cost of the nutritional value, as the heat produced via this method destroys nutrients found in the original ingredients. Cold pressing does what it says on the tin- and doesn't reach the heat that a centrifugal does. So you get to feel ALL the benefits of the whole fruits and vegetables that we put in.  Your juice will also last all day, so you can pick one up in the morning and be good to go. 

A centrifugal has difficulty juicing leafy greens such as kale, so if you need to get more greens into your diet then a cold pressed juice is the way to go. We always have a vegetable-heavy juice full of greens like kale, celery and cucumber ready for you.

See our cold drinks menu to see what we have on offer! We also make smoothies to order which contain less fruit and veg but retain the fibre.

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