The Plant Base closes

The bad news:

Effective immediately, The Plant Base is closing it’s doors. We could try to cling on for a while longer, selling retail and takeaways, but that’s not where we thrive.

The Coronavirus has put a massive strain on our staff, our customers, our families, friends and loved ones. Small businesses, including our fellow Camden Roaders and our local suppliers, are all feeling the squeeze and it has been heartening to see the reaction from them and you.

Our little cafe has always prided itself in being a place to relax, to take time out of your day just for you, a safe haven. We can’t be that right now.

We’ve met lots of lovely people over the last three years. We owe a massive thank you to our regular customers, you’re the absolute best.

So, it is with a heavy heart that we say The Plant Base cafe will probably never re-open.

The good news:

Once all this mess has passed, you can come join us at The Plant Base Restaurant and Cocktail Bar!

We weren’t going to officially announce this yet, but we felt like something positive wouldn’t go amiss right now. It’s going to be amazing!

We’ll keep you posted on our Instagram etc, but for now: peace, love and veg, Geff and the team x